Slack: Dreamforce 2016

Slack is the cloud-based communication platform that has become a market force since its introduction in 2013.

Their mission: To make collaboration easier and increase workplace productivity.


In 2016, Slack chose Group Delphi as an experiential marketing partner for Dreamforce, the award-winning, sold out conference on the latest from Salesforce. Our challenge was to elevate the Slack brand in an over-stimulating environment teeming with visitors from around the world.

Group Delphi’s team of strategists, designers, fabricators, and project managers got to work with this mission in mind. The resulting design was a unique, visually-captivating experience that elicited a reaction from nearly everyone who walked through the exhibit. Center-stage was a living wall lined with plants set on top of a natural wood backdrop. The environment drew visitors in and made them feel comfortable as they spoke with Slack representatives — setting the stage for more in-depth discussion and meaningful connections.

The experience caught the attention of thousands throughout the four-day event.

Predictive marketing analytics company, Radius, mentioned Group Delphi’s design in their post-show analysis, “Top 10 Booths at Dreamforce.” In it were comments our team heard throughout the event:

“The Slack booth, just like their product and brand, was beautiful. The living wall with real plants and wood design made you feel calm, even in the middle of a hectic conference expo floor. The large screen displayed lighthearted cartoons mixed in with customer stories featuring some of the most notable brands on the planet. There wasn’t anything spontaneous or outlandish about Slack’s Dreamforce experience. Just a simple, well-designed space that was open and inviting for attendees to learn more.”

Imagine what we can build together.