SuccessFactors: HR Tech


SuccessFactors’ 2013 exhibit at HR Tech was filled with activities—a rock-climbing wall,  a photo booth, and even the great Reggie Jackson signing autographs. Not bad. But not enough. For 2014 they wanted to create a more memorable experience that tied together and presented a cohesive brand presence. So they turned to Group Delphi to help the company hone their message, distill a slightly scattered show presence into a strong, easily understood theme: “Start anywhere. Go everywhere.” With renewed focus, Delphi and SuccessFactors rebuilt the experience until each element served that theme.


We created serious buzz from start to finish by hiring Cirque du Soleil acrobats for a show-stopping performance. But along with the live show came a massive, ever-evolving backdrop, creating the illusion of travel through different locations: a home, the city and even outer space, which were projected on large whiteboard walls and 40” screens.


The previous year’s exhibit attracted about 400 leads — but the Delphi-designed booth brought in 739 —almost double the engagement. That’s what we call a major success. And most importantly, that’s what SuccessFactors calls it, too. For the 3,500 people who visited the must-see booth, the message was clear: With SuccessFactors, your business truly does start anywhere and go everywhere.

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