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The True Costs of Trade Shows

From drayage to dismantling, when it comes to breaking down the costs to stage your show — we’ve got you covered.

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Pop up shop

What Does Pop-Up Shop Mean?

Marketers live on a veritable word salad of terminology and sitting right on top like a cherry tomato is the increasingly ubiquitous term, “pop-up.” Given the Cambrian-like explosion of various species of pop-ups in the past decade, many are left asking themselves, “What does pop-up shop mean?” or even “What’s the difference between a pop-up and a party?” Let’s begin…

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Catching Up on Experiential Marketing for Cannabis

Verdant displays of flowers and foliage spill out of quaint wooden huts and brightly-painted vans. Stepping up to the interactive scent wall, you inhale vanilla cake. You travel through the market to check out one incredible confection display after another. All the while, some of the coolest people you’ve ever seen mill about in flower crowns and aviators. No, you…

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