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experiential marketing photo-ops

The Power of Experiential Marketing Photo-Ops

There was a time when ye olde “photo op” was solely the domain of a publicist and the act of image-making — whether for a celebrity or brand — was a highly orchestrated exercise in spin. Those were the days when “content was king” and controlling the production and distribution of that content was how mere messages became mythology. Clearly,…

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Girl reads book in library- experiential marketing trends

Our Week in Reading: Brainfood for Marketing Minds

For marketing minds to thrive, they need to be fed plenty of brain food. This week’s roundup of experiential marketing trends yielded some interesting morsels from Delphinians Ashley Welling, Sara Ost, and Daedalus Howell, and run the gamut from wonder to whaaat? The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’ How can an experiential marketer miss with a headline like that? “I…

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