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Why Does a Trade Show Booth Cost More Than a House?

“If I bought the materials at Home Depot, I could build this display case myself for a quarter of the price on this estimate,” says your manager. It’s not unusual for executives to be confused about your trade show booth cost. When the proposal comes from your exhibit house, the price can outpace the average home. The best way to…

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Create Lasting Memories: The Power of the Senses in Experiential Marketing

Did you name your first car? If so, what was its nickname? If you answered “Rosebud,” then an insurance company is coming for your psyche. Liberty Mutual recently debuted a print ad with a peel-back fragrance strip that emits not the lofty perfumes of the rich and beautiful, but a more surprising and powerful scent: new car. That’s right—Liberty Mutual’s…

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