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Slime Experiential: New Experiences Tap Into Childhood Memories

Have you ever watched a kid dipping their hands in sticky, gooey, laundry-defeating slime? Their ear-to-ear smiles tell a story of pure joy. One look at their faces is enough to bring back happy, drippy-soft-serve on a summer day, muddy soccer field childhood memories. Childhood memories and experiences go hand-in-hand, so it was just a matter of time (or slime)…

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Group Delphi Acquires IVG Restaurant Solutions

Group Delphi is pleased to announce the acquisition of IVG Restaurant Solutions, a custom millwork fabricator and food service equipment dealer for the restaurant industry based in Kansas City. “Group Delphi has never been limited by the traditional concept of experiential marketing,” says Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh. “Restaurants are some of the most important places in our society for…

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