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Create an experience that gets attention and earns brand loyalty. We make interactive, immersive moments that help you engage your audience wherever they are.

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Pop-up experiences, retail environments, and in-store events turn interactions into connections that last well beyond the moment. We can help you make a genuine impact on your audience with an experience that is both memorable and shareable.

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“Group Delphi is one of the most professional, creative and technically knowledgeable production companies I have had the pleasure of working with. Choosing Group Delphi for the SS2 Unveil event was, without doubt, absolutely the right business decision for Virgin Galactic.”

– Susan Newsam | Head of Marketing Production, Virgin Galactic

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We encourage you to dive into our portfolio and explore how our creative approach to brand activations and pop-ups can work for you.

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Think Outside the Booth

From pop-up activations to retail experience design, we can create installations that demand attention and put your brand and products in the center of the action. Appeal to the senses with lighting and architecture, or even sound and scents, that transform sidewalks and showrooms into shareable emotion-driven moments.

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Negative Brand Experience Feedback? Use it to Improve Your Overall Program

So, you had a bad show. “That branded experience was boring, and our shows didn’t net us any clear results,” says your team. Ouch. Negative feedback hurts, but you can use it to your advantage. A setback can give you a clear direction on how to nail next year’s plan. Here’s how to turn criticism into a constructive checklist that…

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