Corporate Wellness Protection Solutions

As employees return to the workplace, ensuring their health and safety is a priority for every organization. We’ve created a suite of cost-effective corporate wellness protection solutions that can be customized to your offices’ unique needs and are ready to deploy with minimal lead time. Your employees and guests will feel assured that your company is following best practices for all who enter with branded kiosks for wellness checks, PPE distribution, and communication materials that impart a sense of welcome and well-being.

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Wellness Kiosks

Our suite of wellness kiosks are designed to protect both the attendant and the employees or guests moving through every checkpoint in your building. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective and relocatable pop-up kiosk, a branded and durable alternative for your lobby, or outdoor properties with weather protection, we have a solution to suit. Our kiosks are designed with customization and technology upgrades in mind so your wellness program can evolve alongside your needs.

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Space & Safety

Our solutions don’t stop at the entrance. We incorporate personal distance considerations for workstations as well as traffic management floor graphics and information displays, hand sanitation and washing stations, and alternative takeaway cuisine solutions. With easy-to-clean surfaces and unobtrusive footprints, your employees and guests will enjoy peace of mind while navigating your office space.

Solutions at Any Scale

We’ve been creating environments for people to connect and create for over thirty years, and we're ready to welcome your on-site employees back to the office. Our wellness protection solutions are modular, customizable, and can be built into a comprehensive safety program across single or multiple locations.

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