How can we transform your exhibit space into a real-time opportunity to engage and spur action? Let us show you how our exhibit design inspires the kind of connection that matters to you and your audience.

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Our creative, design and fabrication teams are unified under one roof so we can oversee the entire lifecycle of your project, from concept to completion. As a result, our trade show exhibit design benefits from synergies that bring more to the show floor.

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“Everything your company has done has been first class all the way … Our parent company, Edan Instruments in China, was watching closely as we launched a global rebranding of Edan Instruments, and the Edan Medical trade shows were the test case. Group Delphi made us look very professional, polished, and elegant!”

– Judy Bartlett-Roberto, Senior Marketing Consultant, Edan Medical

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In our world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We create custom, bespoke experiential programs that complement your marketing efforts and compel attention from your audience. Every solution is as unique as your needs. And then some.

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We're experts at creating authentic experiences. From small footprints to international trade show programs, we have the hands-on knowledge and in-house talent to help you bring real life to your brand.

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Bright yellow floating piers crisscrossing Lake Iseo. Entire islands in Biscayne Bay fully surrounded by hot pink webs of fabric. A giant white snake of fluttering cloth curving across 24 miles of the northern California coast to the Pacific Ocean. These were all temporary art installations constructed by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. All of them stirred up months of…

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How to Build a Scalable Trade Show Program: Follow Your Heart’s New Approach

When you reach a certain level of success at trade shows, it’s natural to wonder what’s next? How can I build on this success and create a scalable trade show program? Group Delphi recently partnered with Follow Your Heart, purveyor of vegan food products, to scale their exhibit space. When your products are delicious, your brand experience needs to invite…

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