How can we transform your exhibit space into a real-time opportunity to engage and spur action? Let us show you how our exhibit design inspires the kind of connection that matters to you and your audience.

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Our creative, design and fabrication teams are unified under one roof so we can oversee the entire lifecycle of your project, from concept to completion. As a result, our tradeshow exhibit design benefits from synergies that bring more to the show floor.

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“Everything your company has done has been first class all the way … Our parent company, Edan Instruments in China, was watching closely as we launched a global rebranding of Edan Instruments, and the Edan Medical trade shows were the test case. Group Delphi made us look very professional, polished, and elegant!”

– Judy Bartlett-Roberto, Senior Marketing Consultant, Edan Medical

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In our world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We create custom, bespoke experiential programs that complement your marketing efforts and compel attention from your audience. Every solution is as unique as your needs. And then some.

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Making Genuine Journeys

We're experts at creating authentic experiences. From small footprints to international trade show programs, we have the hands-on knowledge and in-house talent to help you bring real life to your brand.

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