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With the greatest respect for our history and an eye towards a bright future, we are excited to announce that Group Delphi’s tradeshow and events lines of business have merged with Sparks. Sparks is a live + digital experiential marketing agency that specializes in creating human connection — onsite, online, or anywhere.

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In addition to live events, conferences, and tradeshows, Sparks offers a robust suite of virtual event and hybrid solutions. Regardless of the delivery, Sparks creates memorable brand experiences that deepen relationships, inspire action, and build trust.

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The Psychology of Color in Experiential Marketing

Georgia O’Keeffe, never one to shy away from bold colors, once said, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” For centuries, artists have used color, and combinations of colors, to elicit emotions from joy to despair. The same is true in marketing, where a distinct science has evolved around employing…

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What Can Experiential Marketing Learn from Museum Exhibits?

At first thought, you might not consider experiential marketing and museum exhibition as being part of the same conversation. While they might appear to live in separate, very different worlds, they share a unified goal: to inform and inspire live audiences. In truth, museums have been honing this craft long before trade shows, as we know them, existed, and many…

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