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Group Delphi works with general contractors, builders, and architects to produce housing solutions with an eye to efficiency, durability, and detail. For permanent solutions, we offer prototyping, millwork, finishing, and prefabricated home kits. For temporary solutions, we have cost-effective mobile and modular solutions.

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Our U.S. Locations

Named one of the top 40 production teams in the United States, our headquarters in Alameda, California is open and fabricating projects for essential businesses. Our West Coast facility features over 110,000 square feet of production space and offers state-of-the-art production, including flatline finishing with ICA durable, high-resistance finishes.

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If We Don’t Have a Tool, We Make It

Efficiencies are vital when producing affordable housing. When we didn’t have the right machine to streamline production for a client in the affordable housing market, we built it. Paired with smart value-engineering, our housing solutions are estimated to cut costs by half and reduce installation time.

Efficient & Sustainable

Prefabricated housing solutions, which are built in a production environment, offer increased control over the quality, the efficiency of material use, and can be created in accordance with local, state, and national regulations and codes. Modular and prefabricated housing solutions are themselves inherently sustainable. For increased sustainability, we can retrofit and refurbish existing modular housing spaces to reduce the number of raw materials typically required to create a new building from scratch.

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