As artists, museums are a natural habitat for us. We specialize in amplifying awe while complementing context. Let us help you create a space for learning and wonder that will delight generations.

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Engineered to Endure

Our museum exhibit design is built to last, from construction to the concept itself. We understand the needs of your stakeholders and ensure our work makes a lasting contribution to your institution and its supporters.

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"Working with Group Delphi on our exhibition was effective, efficient and a pleasure. I do believe they were the right partners for a project whose scope they understood since day one, and I do not say that lightly. A true partnership—in which ideas flow freely and constructively for the greater good—is key to the success of projects that bring together a design studio and a fabrication firm so each can focus on what they do best ... "

– – Jorge Perez Gallego, PhD, MFA | Astrophysicist, Former Designer, Feathers to the Stars Project Director

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We are with you every step of the way — from concept and design development to schematics, construction, and installation. Throughout, your particular needs are integral to our creative process. We take pride in our partnerships and the excellence of our work. You will too.

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Creativity and Craft

Our award-winning, global museum exhibit team is comprised of designers, woodworkers, metalsmiths, filmmakers, and digital artists who have both talent and taste. We bring practical magic to the most demanding of details and succeed with our institutional partners time and again.

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A century ago, Marcel Duchamp signed a urinal “R. Mutt” and put it on exhibit. Not only did he invent the first “readymade” expression of conceptual art but he forever upset what we consider both art and what constitutes our experience of an exhibition. Outrage, naturally, ensued. Though perhaps not as provocative as putting indoor plumbing on a plinth, a…

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