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Getting products in front of customers is critical to any marketing strategy. When your clients can’t travel to you, you go to them, and quickly. Our efficient and flexible regional marketing solutions offer engaging options for meeting with customers face-to-face with minimal travel. Incorporating health and safety considerations into design and logistics, our solutions reflect the power of your brand experience while you’re on the road.

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Quick and Efficient

Leveraging our design, fabrication, and logistical expertise, our regional marketing programs can be deployed rapidly and include back-of-the-trunk solutions, flight cases ready to ship, branded vehicle and display solutions, and roadshow management services. Our fully-customized, cost-efficient solutions are created with an eye for mobility, easily integrating into and enhancing your larger marketing program in the long-term.

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Strategy and Logistics

We create custom properties featuring products in dynamic, impactful ways. We manage all logistics and strategy — scheduling tour dates, strategically planning your route, and incorporating health and safety considerations into the overall design. Our logistical experts handle strategic route planning, security clearance, and other onsite considerations. Our clients can expect a seamless experience from start to finish.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

Our regional marketing solutions are scalable and help you meet your current goals. Whether you’re traveling to a major client or distributor to demo a new product, targeting a particular region to increase sales, or building a larger roadshow program, Group Delphi can create scalable solutions custom to your needs short and long-term.

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