To-Go Kitchens

Group Delphi’s to-go kitchen solutions provide flexible take-out food service options. Designed and built as modular systems requiring only hook-ups for power, water, and drainage, our self-contained dining kiosks offer exceptional functionality and can be quickly installed in most lobbies. To-go kitchens are a convenient way for people to get the food they need, when they need it.

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All-Inclusive Capabilities

Our ability to create and manage all the moving parts in-house streamlines the project management process for universities, hospitals, offices, and franchises — ensuring your project comes together seamlessly and with acute attention to detail. What all-inclusive means: kitchen design, restaurant equipment procurement, digital menu boards, custom millwork, lighting, installation, and more.

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Our to-go kitchen units rely little on surrounding structures and can be scaled in size to fit your space. Each modular unit is built in a production environment, which offers increased control over quality and functions in accordance with all regulations and codes. Designed with functionality in mind, our solutions offer space for cooking, food preparation, service, and storage. From units that fit inside a university dining commons or corporate office lobby to a convenient dining option in a hospital, we customize solutions to fit your specific needs.

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At Group Delphi, we design and produce physical environments that transform your space into an experience that meets your goals — while delighting your audience. Leveraging our three decades of creative and fabrication logistics knowledge, we offer custom to-go kitchens and restaurant solutions with an eye to quality, scale, and value.

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