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Our challenge, as event marketers, is to create opportunities for connection between brands and customers in any situation. We offer engaging virtual trade shows and online event solutions that foster deep brand affinity when live events are not possible. From multi-session virtual experiences featuring webinars to 3D product demos and live broadcasts, we leverage the technologies that work for your intended audience engagement.

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Virtual Engagements

With a full suite of creative services for virtual trade shows and events, we produce dynamic live streams with integrated technology solutions, content development and scriptwriting, and technical project management. For product demonstrations and streaming broadcasts, we integrate your existing content with new graphics, 3D animations, and digital media for engaging experiences. To extend the interaction past your virtual trade show or event, the content is packaged to be available on-demand.

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Integrated Live Events

Blending live event marketing with digital allows you to discover, survey, and capture new audiences and acts as an alternative should your trade show or event postpone or cancel. We design 3D fly-throughs of your office, technology lab, or trade show environment for interaction with your products and services from anywhere in the world. We provide live broadcasting services and hardware solutions like flypacks, green screens, and film sets for your corporate studio. All content is facilitated by a digital concierge service offering navigation and real-time interaction through live Q&A, polling, and chat stream management.

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Our Approach

A compelling brand experience must always start with a great story, whether online or in the real world. Together, we integrate your brand narrative with custom creative strategies to curate a virtual trade show or experience — providing valuable digital content while also delighting the senses. Whatever your constraints, we scale our offering to fit your goals. Imagine what we can create together.

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