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Rachel Mee

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

What to know about Rachel: As a young teenager, Rachel worked alongside her father at his guttering company. It was here that she first learned what a successful business is at its core — a living, people-centric organism built on the power of optimized processes and strong financial operations. In short: a future executive was born.

The Rest of Rachel’s story: She’s a classically trained pianist and a jazz enthusiast, so it’s no small wonder she is passionate about collaboration-driven, structurally-sound, company-wide harmony. For the last twenty years, Rachel has committed herself to truly understanding the heartbeat of each corporation of which she has been a part. Unabashed intellectual curiosity drives her to look at the pieces and how they work together before implementing proven optimizations. She has built financial plans for multi-million dollar, global organizations and strategic roadmaps to guide them through years of growth. Her favorite part of Group Delphi: the manner in which creative and operational teams collaborate to produce awe-inspiring projects for clients.

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