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Sandee Bowman

Vice President of Human Resources

What to know about Sandee:  Sandee brings out the best in people — so, it’s no surprise that she’s our Vice President of Human Resources. Her love of travel and passion for working with teams through massive growth have made her a dynamic leader in diverse spaces.

The Rest of Sandee’s story: For over three decades, Sandee brought her powerful set of skills to shaping organizations from the Bay Area to Singapore and almost everywhere in between. From her years leading sales and operations-focused teams at G.E., to consulting executives on culture, communication strategy, and implementation, Sandee is a well-rounded executive with a passion for bringing out the full potential of her people. When she’s not in the Group Delphi hangar, you can find her snow skiing, bicycling, backpacking, writing, and traveling the world with her husband.

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