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Sara Ost

Chief Marketing Officer

First thing to know about Sara: Sara’s future in marketing became clear with the self-publication of an illustrated book at age six. The medium: Craft paper and yarn. The story: A family of ants discovering that life is best lived in color. The publicity campaign: Indefatigable (at least according to her parents).

The rest of Sara’s story: As Group Delphi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sara brings deep expertise in both traditional and emerging marketing channels, having held leadership positions in media, marketing, and digital since the word “blog” first entered the dictionary. From augmented reality print magazines to launch campaigns and contextualized digital experiences—for brands including Dwell and Coca-Cola and SaaS startups like Smartify and Pixalate—Sara loves marketing at the intersection of technology, people, brand, and content. She’s also worn her founder’s hat, is a published writer, and makes a mean guacamole (to which she considers the inclusion of peas sacrilege). Sara resides in Oakland with her two dogs and enjoys swimming and trail running.

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