Group Delphi and Aprinnova Future of Clean event marketing at in-cosmetics 2019



A warm summer evening settled over Paris as one of Europe’s largest personal-care industry trade shows, in-cosmetics, was preparing to open its doors the following morning.

Guests of Aprinnova sipped beverages and mingled under the lights of the Eiffel Tower at “Future of Clean” — an event offering attendees a more intimate opportunity to connect with the sustainable-beauty pioneer before the show began. When the sun went down we turned the spotlight on Apprinova’s team, products, and vision for a clean future.

AU NATURALE Fresh plants, warm lighting, and product stations nestled into the larger environment created an experience that felt at one with nature. Full-color graphics added vibrancy to the built elements created by Group Delphi, including the stage, product displays, photo opportunity areas, and more.
THE FUTURE IS NOW Aprinnova welcomed beauty industry influencers from around the world to join in the festivities and keep the buzz going long after the last champagne flute was emptied. With over 3 million followers between them, the social icons documented the event experience throughout the night — generating hundreds of thousands of engagements with the Aprinnova brand through an event that truly spoke to the next generation of beauty.
(NOT) LOST IN TRANSLATION Group Delphi’s U.S. creative team worked with Aprinnova stateside, while our Paris team was onsite conducting site surveys and liaising with European partners to manage all food and beverage, installation, and other logistical considerations. This level of control allowed our team to move efficiently and ensured the client’s vision was properly communicated and executed — mitigating any possible missteps and setting the stage for a seamless experience.
“Group Delphi helped us execute our vision for an evening to inspire top brands and cosmetic leaders ... Their onsite team turned around a successful event that set the stage for the year.”
- John Toner — Senior Marketing Manager, Aprinnova

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