Group Delphi and Automation Anywhere SSOW 2019 exhibit design

Automation Anywhere: SSOW 2019


Automation Anywhere is the robotic process automation (RPA) pioneer on a mission to elevate workers’ productivity and happiness. Since 2015, Group Delphi has partnered with Automation Anywhere to create memorable experiences that demonstrate what’s truly possible when bots lift workers out of the menial and into more stimulating, human work.

Automated Evolution RPA can be hard to understand. Telling a strong visual story about both what it is and the profound impact it can have is essential when marketing it. In 2015, we built a giant book that asked visitors how they will appear on the pages of history with bots lifting them up to be more creative. In 2017, we built a kaleidoscope that showed attendees the infinite number of ways they could see and use bot technology. In 2019, inspired by the artistically crafted window displays on the busy streets of Paris, Automation Anywhere and Group Delphi created an exhibit that asked different industries to look inward at how RPA can exist in their worlds — giving them the opportunity to refocus on projects that excite the imagination.
Let's Get Personal To deepen the connection, Automation Anywhere held its ever-popular build-a-bot sessions inside the booth, allowing attendees to customize their own solutions and imagine their work improved with bots on a hyper-personal level. The window display experience was the most photographed and shared at SSOW 2019. Visitors from around the world gathered around the windows to take in the engaging visuals and the messaging that surrounded them.
The Windows The window display experience featured three displays focused on the financial, private and public service, and life sciences industries. In one, hundreds of flags with the names of service industries printed on the back lay pressed between clear plastic panels situated upright. The illusion of an effortlessly floating sphere along with visuals that changed depending on where you stood caused attendees to stop in their tracks. The financial industry window display featured a safe soaring upwards through the sky with the help of kites, illustrating the ease of moving through complex financial processes when RPA is incorporated. Life sciences got a treatment all it’s own with a series of arcing x-rays showing a person jumping into the air on a skateboard — creating a dynamic sense of visual movement.
“Together, Group Delphi and Automation Anywhere have built a partnership based on creative innovation and proactive solutions to any potential situation — delivering impressive results every step of the way.”
- Neeti Mehta, VP of Brand Strategy & Initiatives, Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere

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