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The Hawaiian Islands have a history imbued with the rich, cultural traditions of the native peoples who call it home. The Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawai’i honors the islands’ history with exhibits that fill its 16,500-square-foot interior. Originally established for housing the royal family heirlooms of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the museum now holds the world’s largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific artifacts. In 2016, Group Delphi was brought on finalize the museum’s first renovation in over 100 years.

A Historical Renovation Group Delphi, architect Glen Mason, and designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates completed a stunning renovation in two 7,000-square-foot halls. We worked closely with the museum’s conservation, curatorial, and mount-making teams to display several priceless artifacts. And thanks to support from Hawaiian scholars, cultural experts, and artists, the team created a historical environment worthy of the most ardent cultural admirer.
Island Inspiration The museum continues to inspire pride with the Hawaiian community while also attracting curious visitors from around the world. “Group Delphi exceeded the high expectations that we and the exhibit designers of Ralph Appelbaum Associates had when we selected them as the lead fabricator for our project,” said senior exhibit designer, David Kemble, after the newly refreshed halls opened to the public.
Experience Hawai’i Life-size replicas of a humpback whale, a great white shark, and a stingray are suspended, appearing almost to swim high above visitor’s heads as they make their way through the Hawaiian Hall. Each of the hall’s three floors offer a deeper exploration of life on the islands: pre-contact Hawai’i, the gods, and how modern Hawaiians live and work among nature. Vibrant graphics and AV elements enhance the stories surrounding visitors winding their way through the exhibits. The Pacific Hall moves from the land to the ocean, curating a journey through the migrations of the native people. Historical artifacts like canoes, contemporary artwork, and digital content playing across elongated projection screens installed by Group Delphi.
“We chose Group Delphi because they were the ones that seemed the best fit for us in many ways ... it really felt like they were part of our team. They were here to solve things with us.”
- Dave Kemble — Senior Exhibit Designer, Bishop Museum

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