For years Group Delphi has helped the leading medical device company, Cepheid, exhibit at huge international trade shows. With roaring success on the U.S. trade show circuit, Cepheid approached Group Delphi in 2010 ready to expand their program abroad by exhibiting at the 2010 European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Their large linear rental exhibit with some custom components was a hit – enough to make them ask Delphi to do it again in 2011.

Loyal Customers Their program grew again in 2012 with an increased island size and more custom properties complemented with rental. The next year, they were ready for growth again at the 2013 ECCMID in Berlin. Group Delphi worked closely with Cepheid’s U.S. and European branches to design a custom rental similar to their effective U.S. exhibits, but tailored for the tastes of the European audience.
Life-Like Displays To capture Cepheid’s profound impact on the health and lives of real people, no simple booth would do. Collaborating with the talented minds at Cepheid, our team integrated Delphi-scripted video elements, custom-shot photo graphics and lifelike mannequins to portray medical scenarios. The resulting dioramas offered a captivating glimpse of Cepheid’s solutions at work around the globe, inviting viewers to step off the show floor and into the bright future of medical diagnostics.
Curve Appeal We matched the look, feel and branding of the U.S. booth by replicating the curved brand-walls that highlight the Cepheid story. Cepheid’s portable medical testing equipment brings life-saving diagnostics capabilities into some unexpected places – and Cepheid’s innovative tech is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals diagnose and treat disease. How were we going to top our previous hits for a fifth time – while still invoking the spirit and technology of Cepheid – at the 2015 AACC show?
“Bringing this technology to life meant bringing life to the AACC show floor… so we did just that. ”

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