Desktop Metal: RAPID + TCT


3D printing has long been touted as the future of advanced manufacturing and mass production — the potential of which still has yet to be fully realized. Enter Desktop Metal — the 2015 start-up founded by three former MIT professors with their sights set on revolutionizing the industry. But first, they needed an introduction.

An Industry Debut With investors from Google, BMW, Caterpillar, and other industry leaders already showing interest, it was time to make their presence public at their first ever trade show — RAPID + TCT 2017. Group Delphi partnered with the Desktop Metal team to build a space that made a strong and informative statement about who they are as both a pioneer and a brand.
Media Accolades “Desktop Metal was the loudest voice in the utter cacophony that was last week’s RAPID + TCT, an impressive achievement in North America’s largest 3D printing-focused trade show that this year drew more than 300 exhibiting companies, somewhere north of 6,000 attendees, and what felt (and still feels) like a total avalanche of announcements.” –
Drawing in the Crowd Large graphic walls wrapped around attendees as they mingled with representatives at demo stations throughout the space. Others peered through the glass frames of 3D printers producing parts in real-time while custom AV content played across screens hanging high over their heads — enticing attendees from around the show floor in to see what all the bustle was about. Media outlets agreed that the Desktop Metal experience was a highlight at one of the industry’s largest events.
“Desktop Metal was a stand-out, from its high-energy on-stage product introduction to the booth demonstrations of fully dense metal parts made (you guessed it) on a desktop.”
- Rapid Ready Technology

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