Group Delphi & DSM Biomedical experiential trade show exhibit design at AAOS 2019

DSM Biomedical

Trade show Program

DSM Biomedical is a Netherlands-based, biotech pioneer leading the way in medical device materials development. Their human-grade polymer takes a variety of forms — from replacement knees to hips, surgical thread, and everything in between.

For nearly a decade, Group Delphi and DSM Biomedical have created a trade show program that highlights the life-saving forms their polymer takes.

International Presence Replacement joints and other materials sit in glass cases surrounded by exhibit properties that are vibrant, durable, and portable — making the process of shipping and installing properties at shows from the Bay Area to China seamless. Their audience is often a mix of show attendees and other exhibitors. Therefore, their trade show presence needs to draw the attention of both.
Understanding What's Possible DSM Biomedical partners with medical professionals who have big ideas — surgeons with concepts that could shift the course of human history. The exhibits we’ve created alongside DSM lay the foundation for conversations that put these concepts in motion. Attendees around the world move through these spaces, sit with DSM representatives in meeting areas and say, “here’s my idea, tell me what’s possible.”
Going Big Group Delphi designed their properties to be both eye-catching and easily scalable — making experimentation with square footage both cost-effective and pain-free. For AAOS 2019, our team designed a booth layout that was just a bit bigger than the year previous at 20-feet-by-30-feet.
“Here’s my idea, tell me what’s possible.”

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