Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors’ new Chase Center is an 18,000-seat stadium with over 700,000 square feet of available office and retail space. Group Delphi was approached to create an environment that honors and integrates the championship-laden legacy of the Golden State Warriors into the Chase Center Experience — the sales center responsible for selling all season tickets and commercial space.

In the Zone Group Delphi’s AV experts developed an experience that blends an illustrious past with a tangible vision for the future. And like any great journey, it begins with an enticing threshold. Lenticular graphics surround guests as they walk through a hallway made to mimic the Chase Center entrance itself. Occupancy sensors cue a soundtrack of seagulls calling, basketballs bouncing, and guitar chords humming as curiosity compels them to enter the immersion room.
Champion AV After they have purchased their season tickets in one of the new sales offices or meeting rooms, visitors illuminate their purchased seats or suites on a wall featuring every available space. And of course, all this custom media travels safely and regularly over embedded wiring from one central and secure server location managed by Group Delphi. It truly is an AV experience fit for a champion.
A Sensory Experience The glow from curved monitors illuminates the dark space as audio cuts through the quiet with inspirational, custom content. From there, it’s on to the inception room with touch screens and tablet-based controllers lining the perimeter. A 200-square-foot wall featuring a dimensional, projection-surface map of Mission Bay offers visitors a neighborhood view before their eyes are caught by the centerpiece: A 3D-printed model of the stadium surrounded by monitors with more detailed, animated renderings.
“The experience sold all available season tickets about a year ahead of opening day. ”

Our process is seamless because it’s all in-house.

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