Group Delphi had the unique challenge of showcasing two products for Google Daydream’s VR presence at the 2017 Game Developers Conference: Google Daydream (virtual reality) and Tango (augmented reality). Plus, Google’s 19 partnering, and unique, gaming brands and six developer teams required equal representation on the show floor. How do you create brand awareness for Daydream, in a dynamic space while showcasing over 20 other entities? Answer: You create a space that people want to, well… daydream.

Welcome Home With warm lights hanging from pastel walls built atop a wooden floor, the space invited GDC visitors into an experience akin to walking into your own, modernly-designed, living room. “Family” portraits of logos, branded trinkets, and lava lamps sat on shelves while each monitor played clips from the games themselves.
Friendly Space The Tango space was transformed into a den where different family members (brand ambassadors) from Google’s gaming partners demoed their unique AR experience. The experience had guests from conference open to close describing it as the most inviting, friendly, and warm out of all the exhibits at GDC.
Enticing Headset Display The experience was structured to maximize the flow of the nearly 27,000 GDC attendees as Google representatives demoed the latest technology at stations built throughout the exhibit. At the forefront were Daydream headsets, resting on top of beds of grass and enticing visitors to walk in and choose which VR game they wanted to experience.
“The experience was structured to maximize the flow of the nearly 27,000 GDC attendees”

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