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The Chamorru people are central to the history of Guam. As such, the vision to share their stories through a dynamic center of knowledge began almost a century ago. In 2014, the new Guam Museum finally broke ground. Group Delphi was brought on to fabricate 3,000-square-feet of exhibit space in an environment as challenging as it was important.

PERSEVERANCE PAYS OFF The project began when the museum was still under construction. Along with the complexities inherent to working within a space still being built, over the course of five years Group Delphi negotiated rates with local government bodies while hiring and managing subcontractors in Guam. To mitigate any potential challenges, our team worked closely with the museum and Galaide Group to ensure a successful opening day.
THROUGH THEIR EYES Group Delphi built many exhibit elements with materials native to the region. Bamboo shoots supporting graphics printed on Plyboo were utilized throughout, paying tribute to Guam’s robust natural resources. President of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, Johnny Sablan, said it well, “When you go through the permanent exhibit, you will see how the Guam Museum highlights the history of the people who call it home. You will see their journey.”
COME TAKE THE JOURNEY Now open to the public, the Guam Museum welcomes visitors from afar with a dramatic facade featuring text on the pages of an open book. Once inside, visitors move through exhibits featuring vibrant graphics and audiovisual experiences with custom content designed and integrated by Group Delphi. A 180-degree curved screen blends video from three projectors in the theater space, surrounding all who enter in the rich history of Guam.
“The Guam Museum highlights the history of the people who call it home. You will see their journey.”
- Johnny Sablan, President of the Department of Chamorro Affairs

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