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Hubbell Lighting is a pioneer in innovative electrical solutions — illuminating client environments since the industrial revolution. As a Group Delphi partner since 2014, our team was thrilled to bring the latest in their product line to life at Lightfair 2018 in Chicago.

The Future, Illuminated The space needed to immerse architects from around the world in the brilliance of Hubbell technology — inspiring them to integrate the solutions into future designs. Hubbell’s tangible (and bright) products presented a unique set of opportunities and challenges to doing just that. The Group Delphi team proactively planned for McCormick Place’s strict electrical regulations by visiting the hall ahead of show open — developing a cabling solution that was both cost-efficient and safer for foot traffic.
Color Tuning Lights moved from cool to warm as attendees discussed color-tuning with representatives — shifting the temperature to stimulate the desired energy level in a given space. The exhibit drew crowds throughout the three-day event as accolades from Hubbell representatives flowed in. “There was really a creative theme that we wanted and it’s perfectly executed here” said Jill Mungovan, Director of Marketing for Hubbell Lighting.
The NX Experience It was important for attendees to visualize how the lighting plays off of different surfaces. To demonstrate this, Delphi designers incorporated faux textures, including stone and suede into the displays. Visitors flowed from these displays into the NX Experience — a space that immersed all who entered in the power of ambiance.
“Our work with Group Delphi has gone amazingly well. The planning and the time that was spent putting together what you see here at Lightfair has been amazing.”
- Mike Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing, Hubbell Lighting

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