Jelly Belly


Everybody loves a candy store. Of course most candy stores don’t have to be lightweight but still stand up to cross-country travel to various trade shows. This was the challenge Group Delphi strapped up for in creating a colorful and tasty experience for Jelly Belly at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago.

Pop Up Candy Shop With the candy as the star attraction, Group Delphi was also tasked with creating an exhibit that put the delectable treats front and center. We started with a lighter-weight structure as the base. This durable solution allowed for greater flexibility to move from show to show while saving on service costs.
A Sight for Sweets The design invited attendees in with lush red and blue carpet dressing the floors, creating a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the Jelly Belly brand. A curved plexiglass counter brimmed with colorful jelly beans greeted guests while giant-candy graphics decorated every corner, a sight that was guaranteed to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.
Grab & Go Booth Next, we solved the logistics issue by housing the majority of the exhibit in our Fort Wayne, IN location. More centrally located, this logistical planning resulted in huge cost savings anytime Jelly Belly needed to pack up their properties and go. Merchandising the product was of course of the utmost importance. Delphi coordinated all the merchandising needs directly with Jelly Belly’s product managers to ensure the most appealing candy was on display at all times.
“This resulted in huge cost savings anytime Jelly Belly needs to pack up and go.”

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