Group Delphi and Little Caesars world headquarters corporate office design and production

Little Caesars World Headquarters

In 1959, newly married couple Mike and Marian Ilitch drained their life savings to invest in their dream and open up the first Little Caesars restaurant in Garden City, Michigan. As decades passed, their dream grew to become the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States. In 2014, Mike and Marian’s son, Christopher, announced plans for the new Little Caesars world headquarters in Detroit, only 30 minutes from where the first store opened — bringing a reimagined headquarters to the heart of where it all began sixty years ago.

Welcome, welcome The nine-story, 234,000-square-foot interior is a large-scale homage to the history of Little Caesars and the Ilitch family, housing over 700 employees. Eight of the nine stories feature exhibits and elements designed and built by Group Delphi, telling the story of how the restaurant and family grew over the decades. Upon entering the two-story lobby, guests are greeted by the sight of an oversized pizza projected onto the floor below as they make their way through security. Artifacts like the family’s first-ever spice mixer sit within glass cases built by our team — allowing guests to learn more about the company’s history as they pass through. As guests sit in the lounge area, their eyes are drawn to a 23-foot-long graphic featuring a lifesize image of Little Caesars’ first storefront.
All in the family To ensure Little Caesars staff can easily make any desired updates to artifact cases, AV hardware, and graphic elements, our team designed a system of modular panels so that one team member can easily swap out visuals for new messaging and content. A custom rigging system developed by Group Delphi ensures the panels are still flush with the walls, maintaining a seamless, sophisticated look. The Little Caesars world headquarters is a corporate environment steeped in the personal history of a family and their dedication to both the Midwest and the connections we forge over food. It’s a story with a global, multi-generational reach, and it all started in a family-run pizza shop in a small Michigan town, over six decades ago.
Just the right ingredients When designing the digital content throughout the space, Group Delphi’s in-house media team knew we had to go directly to the source to create compelling narratives around where Little Caesars gets their ingredients. So, we packed up our equipment and went straight to the farms. Filming in fields of wheat and tomatoes before visiting the facilities where their cheese is made, our team captured content and edited it together in a series of short films that spoke to Mike and Marian’s vision for the freshness of their food. The content is now looped and playing for visitors curious to know how their favorite pizza is made to perfection.
“The nine-story, 234,000-square-foot interior is a large-scale homage to the history of Little Caesars and the Ilitch family, housing over 700 employees.”

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