Group Delphi and Microsoft NRF 2019 experiential marketing and interactive design and build

Microsoft: NRF 2019


The National Retail Federation’s annual expo is one of the world’s largest gatherings of retail industry professionals. To stand out here you have to have something big to say, and you have to say it with impact.

Microsoft at NRF 2019 did just that. Upon entering the 5,000-square-foot experience, attendees were transported from the trade show floor to the bustling and visually-stunning Times Square.

Let's get digital Bright, busy, and digital-content-heavy — Group Delphi created an immersive retail experience just as prolific as the Microsoft brand itself. Our in-house digital producers partnered with Microsoft Studios to create custom content throughout the booth designed and built by our team. The content needed to accomplish three goals: improve the attendee journey through the space, amplify the various product teams’ marketing messages, and fully immerse buyers in all the ways they could potentially integrate Microsoft technology into their retail spaces.
Reimagining retail Other featured technologies included grocery store shelves that alert retailers when products are running low. The content scrolling across the shelves themselves included both pricing and other promotional information — showcasing how retailers can use even shelving as a marketing opportunity. Interactive shopping carts that allow potential customers to mix and match virtual clothing, doors with LED screens behind glass, and other custom content spoke to the specific needs of attendees — allowing them to envision their retail experience evolution made possible with Microsoft technology.
Hello, world Interactive wayfinding signage greeted attendees at the entrance and offered a birds-eye view of the space itself. Visitors could then click on the vignetted retail environments to get more detail on featured products and services as they planned their path throughout. Upon crossing the threshold, the most instantly visible of the content elements was an LED wall featuring information on products and upcoming presentations. Reminiscent of the building at 2 Times Square, the wall stood tall at the back of the booth with animated marketing messages moving across both it and “news-ticker” style screens along the perimeter of the space.
“Our in-house digital producers partnered with Microsoft Studios to create custom content throughout the booth.”

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