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Muse & Co. Outdoors offers thoughtfully designed sprinter van conversions for people who feel the call of the open road. Built upon the Mercedes Benz Sprinter platform, each high-quality camper van functions flawlessly and feels like home. When Muse needed a partner to help them realize new and innovative ways to create the functional spaces within their custom vans, we were up for the challenge.

Our Challenge At Group Delphi, we design and build human environments of any size. When it comes to packing features and comfort into a vehicle small enough to fit in a parking spot, there’s not much room for imperfection. As a partner to Muse & Co. Outdoors, our scope of work began with design development, producing a build package that included a full set of 3D models and a full set of shop drawings, and prototyping. The creative prototyping process was collaborative as we worked in lock-step with Muse through iterations, intensely testing the function — and feng shui — of each interior. We offered intelligent value engineering for materials and fixtures to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective elements for Muse customers. As an ongoing partner, we offer custom millwork and fabrication services to bring these ideas into the real world.
The Road Ahead Muse & Co. Outdoors originally came to us for professional millwork and cabinet making services. But our scope of work expanded as we worked together to reimagine their vans’ environmentally friendly and comfortable interiors. Together, we turned a brilliant idea and creative design into a replicable material and build package, setting a foundation for exponential scale. We are proud to continually help Muse & Co. Outdoors offer adventurers camper vans that bring outdoor experiences within reach through flawless functionality and intuitive design.
National Recognition The sleek designs and outdoor lifestyle of Muse & Co Outdoors sprinter vans caught the eye of The Drew Barrymore show. In spring of 2021, audiences across the nation tuned into a 4 segment series as Muse & Co. Outdoor’s founders traveled for 8 days across the country in the newly dubbed “Drew Van”. Starting in Oakland, CA, with pit stops along historic Route 66, and landing at the Drew Barrymore stage for a live segment in the studio in New York City. 
“Camper van owners tend to be among the most active outdoor enthusiasts, and their vans are the tool that allows them to spend time in the beautiful natural locations they love the most.”
- Muse & Co Outdoors

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