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The Nintendo Summer of Play tour had one serious mission: to inspire a sense of playfulness in audiences of all ages across the country. Partnering with marketing agency, The Marketing Arm, Group Delphi was chosen as the muscle to bring the mobile road show to life. The Nintendo 3DS™ and the newly-launched Nintendo Switch™ took center stage as the 12-stop tour made its way from the Mall of America, to New York City’s DUMBO waterfront, to San Diego Comic-Con, and beyond.

Summer of Play The space had to be creative enough to engage, flexible enough to suit both indoor and outdoor spaces, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of the road — all while abiding by strict, indoor-mall regulations. And it all needed to be set up and dismantled quickly and cost-efficiently during overnight shifts. But that’s not all. The heat, the electronics, the screens, the glare — it was crucial that the Nintendo Summer of Play took all of the (often intense) summer elements into consideration.
Through the Sunshine Attendees and staff mingled under air-conditioned tents while those that waited in line stood in the shade with refreshing ice-water stations. The vibrancy of the games drew visitors in as protective screen covers blocked any glare that could potentially dim their shine. The experience was one that drew in thousands to explore, engage, and most importantly, to play with the latest from Nintendo. It was a tour that exuded a sense of nostalgia while offering a glimpse into the future of gaming itself.
Designed for on-the-go Individual stations throughout the space were built as single units that did not need to be torn down and rebuilt. They were simply wrapped and moved from venue to venue. This cut setup and dismantle time in half which made the tour more time and cost-effective. And of course, all elements were designed to fit through every door and hallway at each of the indoor venues. This ensured fire codes were met and set-up was seamless.
“ One of marketing’s biggest [stories] of 2017.”
- AdAge’s “Marketers of the Year” Nintendo’s year-long promotion of the Switch

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