Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center


The Pacific Science Center inspires children to explore the world around them through a critical lens. To ensure educational experiences resonate with young visitors, the learning process has to feel interactive and fun. Professor Wellbody’s Academy does just that. The 8,000 square foot environment is filled with whimsical exhibits where kids can learn all about mindful choices they can make for their health. Group Delphi partnered with Gyroscope to bring it all to life.

A Healthy Partnership Our team partnered with the client and designer throughout two major phases. Taking the concepts and developing them into proofs of concept and prototypes was the first step Group Delphi took to ensure all was produced seamlessly. From there, our team began fabricating the exhibits, graphics, mechanical interactives, digital content, and audiovisual hardware.
But Wait, There’s More Meal time is often a challenge for picky eaters. So, to make learning about food a blast, we built Burger Planet, an exhibit where children build their own balanced meals. Meanwhile, in the Playdium, kids focus on exercise with pedaling devices, a ball-launching structure, and the “Whirligigerator,” a physical interactive that transmits the user’s movements into the dancing of humanoids hanging high above their heads. It’s an environment that continues to see thousands of visitors of all ages year after year — opening the door to all who have a passion for exploration.
Ah Ah Ah…Choo While the focus for the experience was to educate children ages six to 12, it’s a fun experience for the whole family with even parents getting in on the action. To teach visitors about the benefits of covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough — kids gather under a giant nose mounted on the “Sneeze Wall,” an interactive featuring a projected head and a hidden sprayer mimicking germy spray back. To this day, parents can be seen to the side, laughing and waving the residual mist from their faces.
“The joy everyone felt by the end of the project. We were so proud of this. It was fabulous.”
- Felicia Maffia Manager of Exhibit Development Pacific Science Center

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