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How big is the universe? Are robots taking over the world? What’s it like to fly like a bird? Since 2006, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas has offered a space where our biggest questions are answered. When it was time for a major update in 2011, Group Delphi partnered with Amaze Design to reimagine 23,500 square feet of exhibit space.

OUR CHALLENGE Group Delphi worked closely with the designer to complete five halls undergoing redesign. The T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall featured the skeletal remains of prehistoric dinosaurs and other animals, positioned to appear as though they were still roaming the earth. The Expanding Universe Hall took museum goers millions of miles beyond our earthly plane with composite space images from the Hubble Space Telescope spread across 32 screens.
Ready To Wow In order to raise funds ahead of opening day, Group Delphi created a working prototype of “Fly Like a Bird” for the museum’s annual fundraising gala. The prototype generated a flood of donations from patrons eager to support the Perot Museum’s educational efforts for years to come. The exhibits continue to welcome in visitors around the world to experience everything from the earth to the stars and beyond.
Learning To Fly In the Discovering Life Hall, scenic elements like lions and underwater plant life were created by Group Delphi to enhance the educational copy written across graphic elements produced by our team. In the Hall of Birds, guests are invited to put their own aviation skills to the test with “Fly Like a Bird” — an interactive exhibit that uses motion-sensor technology to immerse visitors in the sensation of flight.
“What I like about Group Delphi is they had capabilities at all levels of the project — they came through one hundred-fold. In the case of Fly Like a Bird, it’s been so successful we’ve had numerous requests to repeat it at other museums around the country. ”
- Andy Anway, Principal, Amaze Design

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