Prestone: SEMA Show 2016


Prestone has been a pioneer in the automotive and truck-engine fluid industry since 1927. So, when their team approached Group Delphi in 2016 to design their first ever, stand-alone trade show experience, our team was thrilled to begin developing a strategy to define the Prestone presence.

Product Prominence The objective for the SEMA Show 2016 design was clear: make antifreeze a product that 60,000 retail buyers from the automotive repair and service industry are eager to engage with, create an impactful statement about Prestone as a brand, and keep the products at the core of the design. Product elevation was at the forefront of every choice Group Delphi made. Antifreeze and other engine fluid were prominently displayed and highlighted their vital role and enticingly colorful nature.
Crowd Pleaser “It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and the entire Group Delphi team,” Prestone Marketing Manager, Michael Marcangelo said. “Our goal was to create an experience that tied our products to the principles of technology, compatibility, and quality. With those simple instructions, the design team at Group Delphi nailed it right out of the gate. Our first show was a huge success and we continue to use the various exhibit assets at our other shows.”
Winnebago, The Statement Piece Prestone’s customized Winnebago was an interactive element that visitors explored inside and out. While attendees perused, they connected with Prestone reps who relayed product information as it related to the oversized visual stimulant. Plexiglass with sand-blasted technical drawings of engine components were lit by LED lights and acted as visually stunning windows below the graphic elements. The LEDs changed color to signify a change in temperature, an element that is core to Prestone’s very beginnings as an antifreeze pioneer.
“The experience performed 40% better than the previous year with over 800 visits to the Prestone exhibit”

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