Reunion Tower


The Reunion Tower is a shining, 561-foot-tall landmark in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Thousands of residents and tourists alike flock to the observation deck every year to get a 360-degree view of the skyline. The interior of the deck was undergoing a major update which included the addition of digital content and audiovisual media throughout. Group Delphi stepped in to get the interactive elements up and running.

From The Outside In The design concept by architectural firm, Gensler, created a sky effect on the ceiling with a video loop, but it was a challenge coordinating the interior lighting to brighten and darken as the videos changed across 17 monitors. Group Delphi created a solution which allowed each of the monitors to work in harmony with the “skies” above. To mitigate potential glare issues from the sunlight-filled interior, our team incorporated 30 glare-resistant LCD touchscreens to ensure a seamless experience.
The Outlook Is Good With the spectacular views both inside and out, Reunion Tower is an electrifying example of how technology and teamwork can take an environment to a whole new level of engagement. No matter which way people look, they’re treated to an immersive experience from the moment they arrive until it’s time to head back down to Earth.
Synchronicity In Motion Visitors can now experience simulated shifts in weather roll over their heads as they move through the observation deck — basking in panoramic views of the vibrant city below. Motion-sensing technology stimulates media across the LCD screens as they walk by, inviting them to explore content about the buildings they see on the horizon.
“Group Delphi is great to work with. I’d definitely work with them again. ”
- Brad Hamilton, IT Manager, Reunion Tower

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