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Forward-thinking, open to innovation, and keen on the power of experiential marketing, SAP SuccessFactors is a dream client for Group Delphi. We were privileged to work closely with their team to create a unique, brilliantly colored space, complete with meeting areas, interactive training zones, original video content on massive screens—and a surprising extra touch.

Award Winning Success is Simply Human The brand wanted their 2015 experience to remind customers that your people are the heart of your company. Thus, Group Delphi designed an environment in which live performers told the story: “Success is Simply Human.” Every 30 minutes, Dream World Cirque acrobats scaled a 30-foot-tall wall jutting from its surface to create kaleidoscopic shapes with their bodies. The acrobats performed flying feats that caught visitors’ attention and brought a distinctly human element to an otherwise conventional trade show.
Big Wins To track results and manage leads we used our Lead Logic program and provided analytics after the show. Success is simply human—and in this case, success means earning two prestigious awards: the Gold Award in Exhibitor’s Exhibit Design Awards, and a Silver in Event Marketer’s Ex Awards.
All Hands on Deck Our in-house team of designers, digital media animators, AV integrators, marketing specialists, and project managers all played roles in the project. Not only did we design and build the exhibit, but we also wrote the scripts, developed the background media, designed the costumes, hired and managed the performers—and helped SAP SuccessFactors manage their meetings in the three meeting rooms built into the exhibit.
“Rarely does an exhibit incorporate a piece of performance art. Theatrical, dramatic, and on point with the company’s key messages, the wall undoubtedly stopped attendees in their tracks.”
- Exhibit Design Awards judge

From High-Flying Acrobats to Award-Winning Design.

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