TE Connectivity


It all began as a conversation on a bench in the Kentucky International Convention Center. The event was the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition. The conversation was between Group Delphi and TE Connectivity, a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity and sensor solutions for industries like the automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace, and defense sectors.

Brand Elevation The subject of the conversation? How to further elevate the TE Connectivity brand and inspire connection with their solutions. From that interaction came an innovative design for the 2016 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Exposition.
Provoking Conversation The simulation had expo attendees eagerly waiting in lines to ride the elevator, inviting prolonged conversation and deeper interaction between visitors and TE Connectivity representatives. The experience was a resounding success, a result that inspired our teams to sit down once more to discuss next year’s experiences.
The Underground Experience The experience included faux electrical towers and power lines, multiple product engagement stations, 34-plus graphic elements, and a simulator that took visitors on an “elevator” ride from city level to an underground electrical station using audiovisual elements and a vibrating floor.
“More than 600 leads flooded in over the two-and-a-half day event”

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