Strength. Expertise. Trust. Reliability. Trane’s HVAC products are the industrial-strength foundation upon which today’s structures are built. The Trane of the future? Environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, regulatory ready, and of course, as rock-solid as ever. Together, we developed an experience for AHR 2017 that was an AV-studded blend of both Trane’s pillars and their boundary-pushing visions.

The Magic Wall But how to get the word out about this forward-thinking approach? Enter Group Delphi. Surrounding visitors were interactive screens that told tales of product evolution as over 120 Trane representatives guided them through the virtual peek into the future. However, it was The Magic Wall that stole the (literal) show.
The results In fact, it was such a showstopper that Trane has integrated it as a prominent feature within their corporate headquarters — giving visitors another opportunity to connect with the next chapter in industrial-strength innovation.
Immersive Design The 3D, digital cityscape offered a glimpse into the Trane products of tomorrow in their natural, urban habitats while a canopy soared high above the crowded space — simulating air flow with vivid ribbons of light. The Wall was a hit.
“How do you stand out at a show of nearly 2,000 exhibitors and 68,000 attendees? One word: magic.”

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