Valley Fine Foods: Three Bridges


Valley Fine Foods takes pride in their gourmet prepared meals. Far beyond your typical freezer fare, these hearty, healthy and home-inspired dishes exist at the intersection of “three bridges:” chef-crafted recipes, endless creativity, and good living.

Table for Two? When Valley Fine Foods wanted to create major industry buzz around its launch of a new line of prepared Three Bridges meals, we knew we had to create a trade show booth that allowed attendees to experience the brand rather than just hear about it. Anyone can create some old sample booth. But we created a fully immersive and operational restaurant where attendees could sit down at the counter and engage with a chef preparing samples of the products.
Forget the Snack Bar A chalkboard highlighted the recipes of the day. Visitors to this show had no need to visit the snack stand for the typical four-dollar bag of chips. Instead, customers were treated to chicken paella, enchilada casserole, cheese tortellini, and butternut squash mac & cheese. For some brands, a feast for the eyes just isn’t enough. So we gave them the real thing.
A Kitchen fit for a Chef People could actually eat the meals in a warm environment. Mind you—this wasn’t just a few hot plates. The kitchen had a full sink, convection oven, microwave, food warmers, induction burners, a refrigerator and racks to neatly display all the utensils the chef needed to prepare on the show floor.
“For some brands, a feast for the eyes just isn’t enough. So we gave them the real thing.”

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