ViewRay is a medical-device industry leader on a mission to revolutionize RT technology — giving physicians a better, more detailed look at the world’s most elusive medical conditions. As ViewRay’s experiential partner, Group Delphi has designed spaces that showcase their life-saving products since their trade show debut in 2011.

A Space Age Experience In 2017, our team evolved the ViewRay design to be even more “visibly different.” The experience needed to entice visitors in to the presentations, provide them with the opportunity to ask questions, and build treatment plans with representatives after the speakers ended their talks. Think the obelisk from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” but without all those pesky extraterrestrials.
Delighting Globally The space drew attention across Europe, with one fellow exhibitor at ESTRO in Vienna saying this to the Group Delphi team, “I just love seeing what you guys are going to do here. It’s always so different.” We couldn’t agree more.
Setting the Stage Towering black, smoked-acrylic pillars marked the ViewRay space as text advertising the in-booth speaker schedule appeared and then disappeared behind dark glass. Presenters included highly-regarded doctors, physicists, and an Olympic athlete who had experience with the groundbreaking RT technology — telling the filled theater seats what they’ve been able to accomplish with ViewRay products.
“I just love seeing what you guys are going to do here. It’s always so different.”
- ESTRO Exhibitor

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