Virgin Galactic

Brand Activation

Launch a rocket. No, seriously, when Virgin Galactic wanted to introduce the universe to the world’s first commercial manned spacecraft, they chose us. You want challenges? How about creating an event for 800 people in the middle of the Mojave Desert – including VIPs like founder Sir Richard Branson and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? Of course just your average 800-person event wouldn’t do. Our challenge was to pull off something as awe inspiring and visually arresting as the spacecraft itself.

A Solid Team We started with a hand-picked a team of exceptional internal designers, producers and project managers, and external technical and hospitality partners who together, through precise design, coordination, planning, and management, would execute this huge event. The centerpiece was a transparent tent that could house all the amenities, entertainment, food, drink and audio/visual elements. It took more than 5 miles of cabling to supply the power.
Plan B Being in the desert, something was bound to not go according to plan. Except at Delphi, we always have a plan. We were constantly monitoring the weather and when high winds were forecasted we wanted to play it safe. In a matter of moments, we loaded up the guests in waiting busses. Not long thereafter, 110 mph gusts descended on the Mojave, destroying some of the structures and knocking out power. Of course by then, we had safely returned everyone to the comfort of their hotels.
The Spaceship Next came the runway which the spaceship would parade down. Scaffolding, lights, projections, music – we planned to really put on a show when revealing this incredible craft. And then on top of those main pillars of the event, we designed and managed all transportation for the guests, service during the party, catering, heat, press availability, and more.
“It was a monumental moment in space history and Delphi was there to make it happen in all but two months.”

Not Every Project is as History Making as a Spaceship Launch.

But Group Delphi is Ready for Anything.

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